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Conversation with Daisy Rockwell (Translator-Hindi)

Daisy Rockwell is a  translator and an artist. She has translated many classic works of Hindi and Urdu literature, including Upendranath Ashk‘s Falling WallsBhisham Sahni‘s Tamas, and Khadija Mastur‘s The Women’s Courtyard. Her 2021 translation of Geetanjali Shree‘s Tomb of Sand was the first South Asian book to win the International Booker Prize. Rockwell was awarded the 2023 Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award by the Vani Foundation and Teamwork Arts during the 2023 edition of the Jaipur Literature FestivalTomb of Sand also won her the 2022 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation.

Rockwell has been a student of Hindi, Latin, French, German, and ancient Greek for many years. She received her PhD in South Asian Literature from the University of Chicago, where she studied Hindi literature, translation, and social sciences. In 1998, she received a grant to write her PhD dissertation on the Hindi author Upendranath Ashk.

In this Conversation, she spoke about her approach to translations and Upendranath AshK, whom she admires as a writer.

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