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In conversation with Prabda Yoon (Translator-Thai)

Prabda Yoon is an Artist, Filmmaker, writer, publisher and translator. He Lives in Bangkok, Thailand.After studying Graphic Design and visual communication in the US, he embarked on a prolific career, authoring a remarkable collection of twenty fiction books, encompassing both short stories and novels.As a designer, Yoon designed over 100 book covers, lending his creative touch to numerous publications. His artistic works have been exhibited regularly in Thailand and Japan, gaining recognition and appreciation in various art exhibitions.

As a translator, Yoon brought Western literary classics to Thai readers, making the likes of Nabokov’s Lolita and J.D. Salinger’s iconic Catcher in the Rye accessible to a broader audience through his adept translations.He won the prestigious S.E.A. Write Award in 2002 for his story collection “Kwam Na Ja Pen” (Probability). In 2021, Yoon’s significant contributions to arts and culture won him the Fukuoka Prize.

‘The Sad Part Was’, a poignant collection of twelve short stories from Yoon’s acclaimed ‘Kwam Na Ja Pen’, found international acclaim with its English translation by Mui Poopoksakul, published by Tilted Axis Press in the UK. The book marked a historic moment as the first-ever translation of Thai fiction to be released in the UK. Additionally, Yoon’s second story collection, “Moving Parts,” also translated by Mui Poopoksakul, further cemented his reputation as a writer with global appeal.

Prabda Yoon’s stories offer a mesmerizing exploration of modern Thai life, deftly weaving together urban alienation and surrealism themes. Through his experimental storytelling, Yoon delves into the complexities of human relationships and the emotional landscapes of his characters, who often grapple with loneliness and isolation.

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