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The Stone Building and other places – Sevinc Turkkan (Turkish)

(00:06) Introduction and Background of Sevinc Turkkan

(01:35) Sevinc’s Multilingual Background and Journey into Translations

(04:12) Sevinc’s PhD Dissertation and the Need for Multiple Translations

(09:34) Sevinc’s Experience Teaching Orhan Pamuk’s Works

(17:40) Sevinc’s Insights on Contemporary Turkish Literature

(22:40) Current Socio-Political Situation in Turkey

(26:48) Sevinc’s Translation Journey with ‘The Stone Building and Other Places’

(38:34) Discussion on the Story ‘Prisoners’

(43:21) Discussion on the Story ‘The Wooden Birds’

(53:05) Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Sevinc Türkkan earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Illinois-Urbana with specialization in Translation Studies, Cross-Cultural Pedagogy, and Certification in Gender and Women Studies.

She is Assistant Professor at Syracuse University and is a practicing literary translator across Bulgarian, Turkish, German, and English. Her notable works include ‘Approaches to teaching the works of Orhan Pamuk (MLA 2019) and chapters in various volumes such as Teaching Translation and Global perspectives on Orhan Pamuk, and translation of Turkish writer Asli Erodgan’s ‘The stone building and other places’


Sevinç Türkkan, a translator known for her work on Asli Erdogan’s ‘The Stone Building and Other Places’. Türkkan imparts her journey growing up with Turkish ethnicity in Bulgaria and learning multiple languages as a result. . The importance and challenges of literary translation are discussed substantively, with Türkkan sharing her struggles translating Asli Erdogan’s unique style into English while swaying between the captivating original text and crafting an autonomous English counterpart. The topic transitions to the politics and contemporary literature of Turkey, focusing on the Kurdish question, its influence on writing, and the dynamics represented in Turkish literature today.

The plight of author Asli Erdogan under the Erdogan regime was emphasized, her literary brilliance celebrated, and the role of translations in her international breakthrough lauded. Türkkan concludes by reading a passage from ‘The Stone Building and Other Places’ in English and Turkish.

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