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Jagannath – Speculative fiction and Self Translation : Karin Tidbeck (Swedish)

(00:08) Introduction to Karin Tidbeck

(01:20) Karin’s Journey into Storytelling

(02:42) Karin’s Fascination with Speculative Fiction

(05:37) Influences and Inspirations

(07:36) Exploring the Jagannath Collection

(07:58) Character Development and Role-Playing Games

(09:17) Karin’s Experience in the Gaming Industry

(16:22) Challenges of Self-Translation

(19:19) The Creative Process Behind Jagannath

(33:06) The Story Behind the Title ‘Jagannath’

(39:51) Insights into Contemporary Swedish Fiction

(46:02) Reading from Jagannath


Karin Tidbeck lives in Sweden, where they work as a translator and creative writing teacher and write fiction in Swedish and English. They are the author of the novels Amatka, Memory Theatre and the short story collection Jagannath.

Their work has received the Campbell Award and the SF & Fantasy Translation Award, as well as several nominations, including for the World Fantasy Award.

In this conversation, Karin spoke about writing in Swedish and English, Speculative fiction, self-translation and the book ‘Jagannath’.

Synopsis :

Conversation with Speculative Fiction Author Karin Tidbeck

In this podcast, Swedish author Karin Tidbeck talks about their work as a translator, creative writing teacher, and novelist. They discuss their short story collection ‘Jagannath’, which led to their winning the Campbell Award and the SF and Fantasy Translation Award. Tidbeck explains their affinity for speculative fiction, refers to self-translation and shares their process of generating story ideas, often starting with a character or feeling. They elaborate on their difficulties while translating their work from Swedish to English. Tidbeck reveals her career in the gaming industry and its influence on her writing and translating work. The conversation also details Tidbeck’s experience with the Swedish and US publishing industry and how their writing process has evolved.

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